Barbie mania and the enduring power of the Dosha Quiz


Ahead of the worldwide release of the movie, Barbie mania is sweeping the globe. An article from The Washington Post states: ’ We love her. We loathe her. We can’t stop thinking about her.’ (1) And despite each of us understanding we can’t all look, think, and behave like Barbie and Ken, it’s comforting to know the nuts and bolts causal reason as to why, by doing the Dosha Quiz.

‘Barbie now comes in 175 different body shapes, hair colours, ethnicities, and abilities.’ (2) The Dosha Quiz by contrast offers endless iterations of Vata, Pitta and Kapha outcomes, all manifested in each of us in entirely unique and individual ways. This is why we’re all so different. And the beauty is once you complete the quiz and come to terms with the results, and realise why you’re no Barbie or Ken, you can learn to adapt this knowledge to help keep yourself well.

When answering the quiz questions a pattern may begin to emerge. Maybe the majority of your answers are predominantly ‘A ‘s or ‘ B ‘s, or a mixture of both, just by way of an example. An ‘A’ answer identifies a Vata characteristic, ‘ B ‘ a Pitta attribute, and ‘ C ‘ a Kapha trait, all lurking in you. And as the quiz questions are grouped according to physical, mental and emotional attributes, you may begin to recognise you display more Vata characteristics physically, Pitta attributes mentally, and Kapha traits emotionally. Or maybe you exhibit Kapha characteristics across the board.

Once you tally the final results, take a look at the Vata, Pitta and Kapha pages on this site. Here you’ll find comprehensive lists of the characteristics, aggravated signs and symptoms, aggravators and upsetters, and soothers and balancers for each Dosha. Begin to familiarise yourself with the relevant lists, as these will help you understand the changes you need to incorporate into your daily routine, to help look after your unique Doshic needs.

Maybe you experience stiffness in the joints. This is a Vata tendency, so start cooking your meals with more oil. Maybe you experience great surges of anger. This is an indication of Pitta, so try reducing the number of coffees you drink each day. Maybe you’re slow to pick up new ideas, but have a great memory. This is demonstrative of Kapha, so allow yourself more time to take in any fresh information, and stop beating yourself up.

Director Greta Gerwig has said of her forthcoming movie : ‘ to a humanist movie..Look..all human beings employ strategies for the fact that everything is temporary and how do we figure out what to do with our time here or,..what to change.’ (2) And the enduring power of the Dosha Quiz and the science of Ayurveda, is that they do explain in great detail why each moment in life is temporary, and what we can change in our lifestyles in order to stay well. Dosha mania here we come.



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