Bodies : The Eras Tour


’Taylor Swift : The Eras Tour’ movie, has debuted at number one at the US box office this week. Richard Brody from The New Yorker describes it as ‘ intimate, colossal ‘ and ‘ autobiographical’ as Swift ‘ looks back at her career, album by album, each of which she ascribes to a different “era” in her life ‘ .(1) It’s also ‘ a proverbial taking the power back ‘ with her production company orchestrating the cutting out of the middleman studios, for an independent documentary release. (2)

Our bodies and minds also move through distinct ‘eras’, as each of the 3 Doshas take the lead at certain ages and stages of life : Kapha from birth to adolescence; Pitta from adolescence until the mid 50’s; and Vata from then on. During these ‘eras’, each Dosha intimately and could be said colossally, increase within us, with their elemental energies providing all we need to write the scripts and song-lines of our lives. And these ‘eras’ are another natural time cycle we can synchronise with and harness to our advantage, if we want like Swift to seize power back – in this case the wellness variety, rather than money.

The Kapha ‘era’ ( 0-12yrs ) is infused with the Earth and Water elements, as given they form her they’re naturally increasing inside us during these years. We’ve all witnessed the astounding broadening and heightening little bodies and minds develop during this age, and how this growth usually coincides with a litany of watery, congested pathways too. During this ‘era’ the strength of the Earth element is helping form the bodily building blocks of bone, and muscle etc, laying the foundation for all future years, and the water element is providing the phlegm, snot and tears.

The Pitta ‘era’ ( 12-55yrs ) is flavoured with the Fire and Water elements, as given they make Pitta who she is they’re naturally becoming greater internally now. Anyone who’s lived through this age knows just how much energy it takes to learn, study, build career paths, businesses, relationships, families and homes. Without the heat and energising intensity of Pitta’s increased Fire, these would be hard feats to manage. And the additional lubrication of the water element also lends a certain fluidity to our actions, allows increased moistness for our reproductive needs, and often gives rise to the occasional spotted and oily skin. And if we break a bone or incur an injury during these middling years, we can also no longer rely on Kapha’s increased Earth element to help us heal quite as effortlessly now.

The Vata ‘era’ ( 55yrs onwards ) is permeated by the elements of Air and Space as these comprise Vata, and they expand at increasing pace the further we move through these years. Speak to anyone in this stage and the first thing they’ll mention is their exhaustion, and how ‘they no longer seem to have the energy they used to ‘. They’re quite right – they don’t. There’s no way they can possibly manage what they did before, because they no longer have the benefit of Pitta’s increased Fire. Instead Vata’s air energy is ruling the day, which is why their bodies are increasing in dryness, as they begin to break down in preparation for eventual return to the Earth from whence they came. This is why at this age most people are looking for the space and time for a rest at every opportunity possible. It’s also why fractures become more of a risk. For not only do we no longer have the benefit of Kapha’s earthy and watery qualities, but we’re dealing with Vata’s additional dryness as well. There’s always a rhyme and reason to nature and our corresponding bodily signs and signals, as the elemental strengths for each Doshic ‘era’ as described, demonstrates.

So, how can we ride these powerful elemental flows to our advantage ? To begin with, we can recognise during every age of life, just why it is our bodies and minds are behaving as they are. We can encourage children to move so their natural earthy heaviness can be lightened up and energised during their Kapha years. We can keep a close eye on our overheating Pitta tendencies to compete and achieve during our middle ages, and make a point of scheduling in time to have fun and to cool down. This helps reduce the likelihood of burning a hole in our energy levels, so we don’t then become completely depleted and demoralised. And during the Vata age, we can prioritise time for rest and relaxation, and make a concerted effort to slow down, as the limited energy we do have must be conserved at all costs because there’s not a lot to draw on now.

For more detailed lifestyle suggestions for each Dosha see the lists of Aggravators and Upsetters, and Soothers and Balancers on my website, and apply them as applicable to the relevant ‘era’. Then, if you’re serious about wanting to be ‘all too well’, shake off the lifestyle choices you’re making that aren’t serving you. And continue to look more deeply into Ayurveda, applying the tools the science teaches and describes in detail at any opportunity. For it’s then, you may be able to create a life that for ‘evermore’, will become ‘ folklore’.



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(2) Vulture ‘ The Eras Tour film is Sequinned Asset Management ‘ 16/10/23 by Craig Jenkins.