Connection and a dog named Dosha


Connection. We all desire it. How do we find it? Our family dog is named Dosha, and she’s a wonderful mascot for Ayurveda and the Doshas, as she constantly reminds us to check in on Vata, Pitta and Kapha and how they’re faring. We gave her this name on the behest of my eldest daughter, because by the time she joined our family, the Doshas were already firmly entrenched in our lives.

Given she’s nearly always at our feet, her very presence jogs our memory. And as we’re reminded ro think of their needs and how they might be changing within and around us, we’re brought into the now, the present, of life. Because if we’re listening to the wind howling and thinking about the impact this increased movement of air is having on Vata, ( as she’s predominantly made of air), we can’t be worrying about what so and so said to us earlier in the day. If we’re musing about how hot it is as we’re hanging out the washing, we can be thinking of ways to cool down Pitta, ( who’s already preternaturally hot as she’s predominantly made of fire), rather than what we need to sell on Facebook Marketplace that evening. If we’re noticing how damp it is as we put the rubbish out, we can be focussing on ways to keep Kapha less heavy and more on track, ( as she’s already made of so much water), rather than mulling over our to-do list for the day ahead.

If we’re tuning in and giving them some thought, the Doshas become our doorway into the world of nature And by acting as a conduit between our internal sphere and everything around us, they’re also valuable teachers about the law of cause and effect. Because each time Vata, Pitta and Kapha send us a bodily sign and signal in response to a choice we make, we begin to notice the patterns we create, and how different decisions yield divergent consequences. And this slowly but surely brings us into the now of life more and more, as we begin to notice how two and two make four. And it’s then we begin to understand what ‘in the moment ‘ connection really means.

And once we do, this sense of ‘ present awareness ‘ helps us realise the very real significance of each moment in time. We begin to understand the fragility of life, and how it can change and transform in an instant. You only need to watch the swiftness with which the sun rises, and the changing patterns of light in the morning sky to understand how true this is. And when after a long journey of searching we come to this realisation, the true majesty and power of life begins to take our breath away, as we begin to relish in the feelings of awe and wonder that this sense of connection brings. For it’s then each moment becomes more keenly treasured and joyful, as we realise it’s this very sense of connection that’s what makes life so precious after all. It’s also when we begin to appreciate how by tapping into nature’s powerful energy flows, we can begin to feel more alive and vibrant too.

We can’t all have dogs named Dosha. But we can all find a catalyst within our daily life to serve as a constant reminder to think of them. Just as a statue can jog our memory of a certain person, and a piece of music can transport us to a particular instant, a Dosha catalyst can bring us back time and time again, to thoughts of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and their needs in the present moment. What mascot can you find in your life, that can help remind you to connect in with the Doshas, in ever-increasing moments of time ?