Left Brain Right Brain Leap Of Faith


The one and only Tina Turner passed this week, after a lifetime on the world stage showcasing her contagious energy and musical talent. And as I’ve been reflecting on her life and music, her song ‘Simply the Best’ has remained foremost in my mind. This is because after fighting so hard to find her personal power, she eventually found it, and on doing so began to glow in iridescent fullness and became simply her best. And this journey in a way reminds me of the Doshas, because once we acknowledge their presence and start building a relationship with them, they’re able in their inimitable way, to help us find our own power too.

When teaching about the Doshas, many in my audience often find the initial leap of faith required to transition to this alternate way of thinking, a bit daunting. For if they’re able to think of the Doshas in the way I’m imagining and hoping they can, it requires they make a shift from a left brain largely analytical, logical, rational, calculating and observation mind, which is the one we’re most commonly taught to call on in this day and age, to a right brain intuition, artistic, creative intelligence, spontaneous, and other ways of knowing one. This is because the Doshas, being elemental in make-up, are energy forces that often remain sight unseen, until we begin to live the science of Ayurveda and start understanding their very real elemental code.

As the Doshas transform and react in each moment, changing the innermost workings of our bodies and minds, despite being so unobtrusive, they are in fact wielding great power behind the scenes. But within the daily dramas of our lives, these changes are often so very subtle, that it requires very real and active attention and awareness before we’re able to begin to notice them. And it’s for this reason it’s often hard to believe these changes are actually taking place at all.

But just as night becomes day, and Spring metamorphoses into Summer, so too all five of the elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are continuously transforming. And as they do, the Doshas build layer upon layer a spiders web of interconnected changes that impact the whole of us ,- mind, body and spirit, step by incremental step. Yes we all have copious amounts of grit and resilience that we can call on, but life is fragile and we are delicate beings who respond best by living in sync with nature’s rhythms. And the Doshas show us so clearly how best we can do this, once we begin to make this shift in thinking.

And this is why understanding the Dosha Code is so important. Because if we don’t tune into ourselves, and begin to feel into the minuscule changes that are happening to our bodies and minds in each moment and respond accordingly, we run the very real risk through this lack of attention, of far more obvious symptoms of these Dosha imbalances presenting themselves to us in the days and years to come. An anxious feeling, angry mood, or feeling of mental heaviness today, could if left unchecked appear some time in the future as panic attacks, high blood pressure, or as the onset of depression, and in a myriad of other guises.

And so if we can make this leap of faith, and begin to recognise the Doshas as the all important force they are and look after their needs, we’ll have a greater chance of finding our personal power and becoming ‘ Simply the Best’. And as we then begin to recognise the Doshas as running ‘ River Deep – Mountain High’, we’ll also be better equipped to find the answer to one of life’s ultimate questions, that of ‘ What’s Love Got To Do With It ? ‘. And it may surprise you to know, the Doshas hold the key to unlocking the answer to this question, which is of course: Everything.