Lifestyle Investing For Health Wealth


Having spent a large portion of my earlier working life as an investment banker, I retain a deep fascination and interest in all things financial. And it appears to me, the current state of global finances and the condition of our global health outcomes share much in common. For the last few week’s there’s been much press speculation about whether or not the US debt ceiling will be raised in time to avert a global financial meltdown. And this reminds me of our own needs to look after ourselves, so we too don’t reach a critical health ceiling and can avoid a future health showdown.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said this week, ‘The extremely low level of remaining resources demands that I exhaust all available extraordinary measures to avoid being unable to meet all of the government’s commitments’, in her letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Our bodies are equally as clever, finding every possible way they can to keep us running, by calling on whatever resources are available, before they’re left no choice but to throw in the towel.

Just as we put money away for a rainy day in the form of superannuation and savings, we also have the opportunity to do the same with our health, if we wish to avoid a decidedly unwell old age. And I call this type of saving our ‘ lifestyle super ‘. For every moment of every day we’re making decisions that may appear to be decidedly inconsequential at the time, but that are in fact entirely significant to the outcome of our health and well-being long-term.

Decisions such as what time we go to bed and wake up, how and when we exercise, whether we decide to skip a meal or actually prepare one, all impact our Doshas and their ongoing balance and equilibrium. And so just as we learn to put away money for our retirement, we can learn to make better lifestyle decisions each day and do the same for our health. And this is why the Dosha Code is invaluable, because once we begin to understand how the decisions we’re making in each moment are impacting our Doshas, we can learn to make better choices that are more likely to support a better health outcome, both now and in the future. And once you become fluent in this code, you’ll be able to begin building this ‘lifestyle super’ with ease.

Just as the stress on the financial system can cause major fluctuations in share prices, bond yields and interest rates, stress on a body and mind day-to-day can cause major fluctuations and wild variations in how each and every organ and channel in our body and mind operates, according to the science of Ayurveda. The ability of our bodies to assimilate nutrients in the digestive tract, it’s capacity to produce a balanced flow of hormones, and it’s potential to build immune strength so we have the best chance of warding off any invading pathogens, are all impacted by the lifestyle choices we make each day. And issues such as these, if not taken care of, can also gather steam and lead to ongoing symptoms during mid-life, menopause and in many other times of change.

Our health is our true wealth, as no amount of money can buy the same feeling of freedom and enjoyment that vibrant well-being delivers. And so in order to create more health wealth, start investing in your lifestyle now, by making better decisions that help look after your Doshas. That way, you’ll never come close to reaching your health ceiling, and you’ll be able to avoid the rabbit warren of never-ending doctor’s appointments and copious amounts of expensive medications, that a dip over the ceiling may produce some time in the future.