‘Succession’ reveals Relationships : 101


We’re all interested in having great relationships, and the rapturous applause that’s greeted the final episode of ‘Succession’, is a great example of our ongoing interest and fascination in them. The series has been described by some as the greatest to have been made in the last 10 years, and key to its appeal is the ongoing relationship tussles between three of the main protagonists. And it’s these scuffles that highlight the need for each of us to prioritise the nurturing of the most important relationship we all share – the one we have with ourselves. Because without paying attention to this foundational relationship, we run the very real risk of creating a life filled with relationship dramas. And the simplest way to avoid this outcome, is to begin to understand the true essence of who you are, by getting to know the Doshas.

Life is all about relationships, whether it be the multi-faceted one we have with ourselves, including the relationship we have to the food we eat, the exercise we take, the work we perform, the sleep we prioritise, and the amount of rest we have, or the relationships we have with family, friends, and work colleagues.

But it’s the relationship we construct with the Doshas that’s most fundamental of all. This is because the Doshas, through the Dosha Code, can teach us to come to know and understand ourselves. They do this by constantly sending us signs signalling whether the food, exercise, sleep and rest choices we’re making are the best ones for us, and act as a pathway of connection linking us to the natural world around us. And once we begin to notice and respond to these signals, it’s then we can embark on the journey of a lifetime – the one where we learn how to build a meaningful relationship with ourselves. And it’s in all our interests to do this, because if built correctly, this foundational relationship can then bolster the health of every other relationship in our world.

The three main siblings in ‘Succession’ are totally disconnected from themselves, and consequently from each other, and from the greater natural world around them. And as each episode dropped, I became more and more convinced Jesse Armstrong, the creative genius behind the production, must have at least some understanding of the science of Ayurveda. This is because Kendall, Shiv and Roman so clearly resonated with one of each of the Doshas. Roman is a fragile being relying on his quick wit and creativity to try and ensure he comes out on top. Vata, being made of Air and Space is also a creative and fragile force. Shiv, whose very name means ’ a knife or razor used as a weapon’, is full of fire, fight and sharp competitiveness as she also tries to pursue her leadership ambitions. Pitta, being made of Fire and Water, is also full of fire and sharpness. And Kendall, who’s often weighed down with heavy thoughts, is slow and steady as he too hunts down the ultimate position. Kapha, being made of Water and Earth, also shares the attributes of heavy, slow and steady.

Yes they’re all understandably bruised from their upbringing, but if Kendall, Shiv and Roman had met the Doshas, they’d have had a better chance of overcoming these odds. For the ensuing self-knowledge would have better equipped them to cope with the family dramas, and if applied, also allowed them to grow into the best versions of themselves possible. And with all their inherited privilege, they had the opportunity to give back in so many ways. And for all of us, it’s the giving back in whatever way possible, that adds real meaning and purpose to our lives.

Take the first steps towards being able to foster healthier relationships within your life, by getting to know yourself first. Do the quiz on this website and discover your individual Doshic make-up. Next establish which of your Doshas are in need of the most immediate attention. Then become familiar with the personality traits of Vata, Pitta and Kapha as detailed on their individual pages. Take time to reflect on how your daily lifestyle choices may be impacting them within you and your world, by starting to notice the signals they’re sending you within their code.

The relationship with Vata, Pitta and Kapha, like any relationship in life, can become depleted and wither, if you don’t pay them any attention. And yes life gets busy. But how can any of us hope to form a healthy relationship with anyone, if we’re unable to build a healthy relationship with ourselves first ?