Where there’s smoke there’s fire and Pitta


” The era of global warming has ended : the era of global boiling has arrived…The air is unbreathable. The heat is unbearable.” ( 1 ) So said UN Chief Antonio Guterres in New York this week, in response to the devastating bushfires tearing through Greece. And these have come hot on the heels of the recent fires in Canada, whose plumes of smoke brought New York City to a virtual standstill. The World Meteorological Organisation has described July 2023 as the hottest month in recorded history, due to the extreme heatwaves sweeping across Europe, Asia and North America. We’ve all been witnessing the power of Ayurveda’s Pitta Dosha with this performance, as she’s been showcasing her aggravated fiery elemental force while she well and truly makes her presence felt on the global stage.

And this fiery elemental force of hers can be seen in many other ways as well. She’s present in the anger that runs hot, wild and rampant in the online universe, and in the highly – charged demonstrations taking place in many countries across the world. She also makes herself known in a more intimate setting – deep inside our bodies and minds. At this level, her fiery heat may be appearing in you as menopausal hot flushes, in red eyes and skin rashes, as acid reflux, or in continual hot fingers and toes. Or, she may be appearing as impatience, or as the fiery criticism you regularly dish out to those with the courage to enter your orbit.

These are just a few of the signs and signals she sends us through the Dosha Code, as she implores us for help in cooling her down. She’s begging in the only way she knows how. And once we become aware of her communications, the best way to respond is by tweaking our daily lifestyles, and replacing actions that overheat her, with ones that help take this heat away. Like us, she doesn’t enjoy being overly hot. She relishes instead, being able to deliver a balanced fire for our enjoyment and use.

Pitta is the force of transformation within nature. Being made of the elemental forces of fire and water, she’s responsible for our metabolic and chemical conversions. This includes the ability to digest our food biologically, and to digest all our life experiences mentally as well. And she does this best, when she’s happy and balanced, and not overheating.

The good news is, just as helicopters and fire trucks get out the cold water hose to douse fires and stop them burning, you can do the same to help cool down the force of Pitta in your body and mind. Cool ( but not icy ) food and drinks, and cool showers and swims, are some immediate steps you can take to help reduce her fire. Avoiding too much time out in the heat, and beginning to cook with coconut oil are two more steps that can bring her instant relief.

Access more Pitta information through the Dosha Story page on this site, where you’ll find a comprehensive list of steps you can take to help her. Also take a look at what overheats her in the first place, and examine what you may be doing in your days that could be causing this to happen. Maybe you’re eating too many chillies, drinking too many cups of coffee, or spending too much time in front of a screen. Get to know Pitta’s idiosyncrasies, so you can begin supporting her. She’ll repay you in spades once you do.

” No more excuses.” The “destruction must not inspire despair, but action..Humanity “ Antonio Guterres said, “ must turn a year of burning heat into a year of burning ambition.” ( 1 ) You can do the same in your own life. Learn to tune into the signals Pitta is sending you. Take charge and stop making excuses. Turn this heat into a burning ambition to make choices that help her, so you no longer have to despair about your red eyes, acid reflux, or menopausal hot flushes. Our bodies are complex beasts, and if you can be proactive in this way, you can know at the very least that with the knowledge you have at your disposal you’re doing all that you can to help solve the riddle of these symptoms. And then maybe one day in the future she’ll make her balanced intelligence available to you, so you can then also contribute to the rebalancing of our planet as a whole.



(1) Sam Tonkin 28/07/23 for Mail Online ‘ July is “virtually certain” to be the world’s hottest month on record as UN chief warns “ the era of global boiling has arrived “ ‘