Why know your Dosha?


We each have all three of the Doshas within us, otherwise our bodies couldn’t function. And the particular mix of the Doshas that inform us physically, mentally and emotionally, are why we’re each so different, and what make us who we are.

For example, after doing the Dosha quiz, you may discover you exhibit strong Kapha tendencies in your physical appearance, a strong Pitta propensity in your mental ways of thinking, and strong Vata characteristics in your emotional way of being. Or you may be nearly entirely dominant in just one Dosha, let’s say Vata, in all three areas. There is a never -ending variety of how these Doshas can present, which is why we’re each so individual. Yes it’s easy to recognise many of the dosha characteristics in others, but it’s the specific mix within each of us, that makes all of us so distinctly one-of-a-kind.

And, getting to know our own individual mix is really important because once set it never changes. The moment our father’s sperm met our mother’s egg, it was cemented for life, despite any misgivings we might now have about our own particular mix. That’s why getting to know our individual Dosha ratio, becoming familiar with how it presents in us and learning to accept it, is a great life strategy to embark on, if we’re ever to truly know ourselves and become content and happy with who we actually are. 

Then our most important job becomes learning how to look after our specific Dosha mix with absolute dedication, so that we do all possible to keep ourselves and them in balance. In other words, at all times, we’re aiming to keep the mix of Doshas we were born with stable, so that this original ratio never changes. In Ayurvedic terms, this mix is called our Prakriti.

Unfortunately, because life is filled with constant change and transformation, our bodies and our Doshas, are constantly needing to adapt. That’s because this constant change is causing the Doshas to begin to increase and decrease inside of us, disturbing our Prakriti, and changing their ratio. And it’s when this begins to happen, that we’ll be sent signs and signals from the Doshas, as they try to alert us to the imbalance. This is the Doshas way of effectively communicating to us they’re feeling uncomfortable, and they need help in order to get them back on track. And the new aggravated ratio or Dosha mix that is then presenting inside of us, is called our Vikriti. 

Most of us in this day and age are leading lifestyles where our Vikriti is not even close to the Prakriti we were born with. And here-in lies the problem. For as soon as this intricate balance of the Doshas within us gets disturbed, the Doshas, despite wishing to the contrary, are unable to function in a fully synchronised state. And the longer this situation is left without correction, the more chance varying pathologies have the time and space to develop more deeply and further entrench themselves. This is why there is a wealth of pathologies growing exponentially in number across the globe, many of which could be avoided if more of us had knowledge of the Doshas and the signs and signals they send us.

And this is why knowing the Doshas, and more specifically the Dosha mix as presented in you physically, mentally and emotionally, is important for all of us to get to know, and is the only place to start on your Dosha Code journey.