Kapha is made of Water and Earth
Kapha is the Force of Lubrication

Kapha is watery, earthy, solid, lubricating, cold, dense, stable, slow, soft, oily, heavy, smooth, gross, considered, caring, thorough, full of stamina

Kapha Characteristics

Great stamina and strength. Slow, considered, and thorough. Easily completes tasks. Strong long-term memory. Compassionate, caring and kind. Calm disposition. Sensitive and relates deeply. Tendency to be withdrawn and down. Strong build with broad frame. Soft, thick and oily skin and hair. Large eyes, lips, teeth and nails. Loves eating and cooking. Slow digestion. Needs to keep an eye on weight gain. Slow elimination. Often bloated. Heavy sleeper.

Kapha Aggravated Signs and Signals

Carrying excess weight or weight gain. Congestion, excess mucus and stuffy noses. Colds and coughs. Oedema and water retention. Lymphatic congestion. Cold and clammy hands and profuse sweating. Under active thyroid. Cysts. High cholesterol. Feelings of dullness, heaviness and depression. White scaly skin or pale face. Bloated tummy. Tendency to hoard. Lack of motivation. Inability to complete tasks. Attachment and greed. Grief.

Kapha Aggravators and Upsetters

Anything cold, such as cold drinks, ice cream, cold weather, or swimming in cold water. Anything heavy or moist, such as heavy and moist foods. Not enough sun. Over -eating and over-sleeping. Too many sweets and dairy. Too much snacking and emotional eating. Lethargy and lack of movement or exercise. Too many sedentary elements to life. Too many tear jerker movies. Too much routine and not enough spontaneity.

Kapha Soothers and Balancers

Disciplined living. Exercising daily with jogging, jumping, running or any other active sport, and staying active in general. Enjoying anything light, whether it be food or sunshine. Enjoying breaks in routine and being spontaneous. Eating hot, sharp, and dry foods including foods such as popcorn, dry biscuits and apples, and cooking with pungent spices. Eating a light breakfast. Drinking hot water and honey drinks and hot ginger tea. Enjoying deep, dry body massages or massages with warmed mustard oil. Sleeping on a hard bed. Staying up late and waking up early. Wearing red, orange, yellow or black. Laughter and bright boppy music. Caring for another person or animal.







Emma’s aim is to motivate readers to take greater care and responsibility for their health and well-being, and to empower them to do the same for the planet that sustains us.