Pitta is made of Fire and Water
Pitta is the Force of Transformation

Pitta is fiery, transforming, hot, light, sharp, oily, liquid, subtle, clear, competitive, intelligent, energetic, driven

Pitta Characteristics

Highly intelligent. Well organised. Disciplined. Ambitious and quick-thinking. Loves to lead. Highly competitive and loves to win. Often a perfectionist. Habitually overworks. Tendency towards anger. Great storehouses of energy and drive. Enjoys a challenge. Medium build with strong muscle tone. Skin often flushed and tends towards warm. Bright eyes. Loves athletic pursuits. Often don’t feel the cold. Good digestion and appetite. Loves cold drinks.

Pitta Aggravated Signs and Signals

Feeling hot in the head. Burning sensations such as on the anus or the navel. Red eyes. Any inflammation. Skin concerns, especially red skin rashes or yellow skin with a jaundiced appearance. Acne. Itchiness. Loose stools and diarrhoea. Acid stomach or reflux. Nausea and vomiting. Migraine. Vertigo. Bleeding gums or nose bleeds. Heart burn. Waking in the middle of the night and insomnia. Hot hands and feet. Any ‘itis’ such as laryngitis. Irritability or anger. Criticism or judgement. Burn-out from trying to over-achieve. Becoming too much of a perfectionist. Over-working and becoming over-active.

Pitta Aggravators and Upsetters

Anything hot, such as hot peppers and chillies, and hot spicy food. Fermented foods like pickles. Too much coffee, alcohol, and vinegar. Hot weather, bonfires, too much time in the sun, and too many over hot showers and baths. Anything bright whether sunlight, bright lights or colours. Too much time spent in front of computer screens and over working. Pungent, sour and salty tastes. Fried or greasy food and other rich foods. Acidic chemicals. Too much competition, in sport, work or life in general. Competitive sports. Aggression. Violent movies and video games. Too much mental activity, such as in computer programming. Red, orange or black clothes.

Pitta Soothers and Balancers

Staying cool and calm. Enjoying anything cool, whether it be food, drinks (although never icy cold), cool showers, or cool swims. Walking barefoot on the early morning dewy grass. Avoiding alcohol. Using coconut oil in cooking. Using sandlewood as a perfume or in incense. Wearing white or light coloured clothes, pearls and silver. Eating cilantro, ghee, sweet summer fruits, sweet wheat and dairy. Drinking a cooling rose water lassi. Enjoying light conversations and having relaxed fun away from anything competitive such as work or sport. Practicing meditation and yoga asanas.







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