Dry, light, cold, mobile ( irregular), rough


Aggravated signs and signals

Spacey, ungroundedness, scattered thoughts and difficulty in settling down, difficulty in getting to sleep, insomnia, tendency to spend money without thinking, ringing in the ears,numbness in skin,aches and pains in the lower back and thighs,stiffness in joints ,cracking and popping joints, cramping during menses, gas, constipation, bloating, cold hands and feet, dry skin, scalp and nails, anxiety, worry, fear, phobias, nervousness, insecurity, and loneliness

Soothers and Balancers

Regular daily routine,including regular meals, sleep times, wake times, and patterns of life in general, and avoiding irregularity in any form, less on the to-do list, avoid overwork, having too much sex, and too much travelling, enjoy warm baths, early nights, get enough sleep, eat fresh warm cooked and grounding foods, embrace warm drinks, warm clothes and warm environment, stillness and quiet, anything sweet such as sweet food ( dairy, rice,wheat, dates, raisins), warm sesame oil massage, warm oil massage to feet and scalp at night.

Aggravators and Upsetters

Irregularity of any kind, anything dry, dry land, dry weather,dry food, dried fruits,anything cold, cold weather,cold food, cold season, too much to do, multi-tasking, sudden changes, over exertion, over work, anything loud, too much talking, flights and travelling, fasting, sleeping on hard floors,fear, insecurity,loneliness, high altitudes,astringent tastes,beans,horse back riding,

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